„A trip to the Circus” – Parodie

Nu, nu am de gand sa vizitez circul, ci un prieten m-a rugat sa ii fac o compunere in engleza pentru liceu. Cum ma pricep destul de bine la engleza zic: De ce nu? Dar am caterincizato putin, avand in vedere ca lui ii place de o fata de la el din clasa. Putina sare si piper si a iesit ceea ce s-ar spune…state of the art work :)) Scenariul e demn de Hollywood si a fost bazat pe unele idei ale lui James Cameron.*

Pentru cine nu poate citi textul, l-am pus mai jos in marime naturala (precizez ca este in engleza, asa ca cine nu intelege sa dea o fuga pe translate.google.com :)) )

A Trip To The Circus!

There was a bright sunny day, and Catalin was into his room, standing in the front of his powerfull computer. Then he got a call on his phone from me [silvia adica]. I told him that i want to go to the circus and he told me that he can’t because he is working. Eventualy he accepted and we got toghether on the way to the circus.
When we got there, the show already started. There were giant elefants and tigers standing near by, ready to eat there dressors. After that interesting spectacle, the chief of the circus anounced that today it’s April 15 and the ship R.M.S Titanic sank about 98 years ago, so he got togheter a memorial show dedicated for all those people that died in the accident
Then the interesting part came in, a Titanic mini-ship was entering the circus in a giant bathtub. Soon after that the ship hit a plastic iceberg and she magically sunk right before our eyes. I cand understand where did that ship go! Maybe it was just an illusion…. I was holding Catalin’s hand very tight and i start crying. He took me in his arms and told me that everyting will be okay and then i Kissed him
After that me and my new boyfriend got out in the park and fucked in his brand new VW Passat „Unsinkable” edition

The Happy Ending of Unhappy Movie

Filmed And Directed by Francesco Cameron
Song by Celine Dion- My heart will go on
In rolurile principale: Leonardo Catalin Da’vinci si Kate Silvia Winrar
All credits to Steauaboy95s

Based on James Cameron’s Titanic idea, Leo&Kate FTW! :))

*Orice asemanare cu persoane reale este pur intamplatoare, acest post este un Pamflet si trebuie tratat ca atare=))


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  1. =)) panarama dracu ce esti :)) foarte tare frate !!! :))))))

  2. Sa speram ca nu va vedea cata postul asta, ca ma va spanzura!! 😀 =))

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